Want to sell-The strategy that helped traders to pass Topsteptrader $150,000 Combine & get funded

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  1. Hi,

    This trader passed the Topsteptrader $150,000 combine in just 10 days with this strategy & then got funded after completing their Funded Trader Preparation:

    So,I thought he as well as his strategy must be valid & took up his mentorship for $2500.I can say it's a very good mentorship program & I'm closer than ever to pass my own Topsteptrader combine.It's an excellent & easily replicable strategy by a trader with verifiable track record.

    Last time I talked with him-he was still funded by Topsteptrader successfully.Also,to prove to us his students that his performance is replicable he attended the $100,000 combine later in November as a challenge & passed it too in 10 days.One of us,his students,also passed the Topsteptrader combine successfully using this exact same strategy.

    Just search in Youtube with "Topsteptrader student funded" & that video will pop up instantly.

    I want to sell the contents of his $2500 mentorship in cheaper price.It comes with all the videos,books & indicators of his strategy.Please PM me for screenshots & purchase.Details can be found in here:
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    Do you have permission to sell his "work"?
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    Who is going to pay some ridiculous amount of money to pass a combine?

    Defeats the whole purpose, doesn't it?
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    "You can never underestimate the stupidity of the general public." Scott Adams
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    Actually I suspect that quite a few people end up doing exactly that (even though it doubtless wasn't their original intention), because they repeatedly take and pay for Combines without having first proven their system to themselves on a demo without paying TST for the privilege.

    Absolutely. Couldn't have put it better myself (and certainly no more succinctly). :D
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    What else is he selling?
  8. English and grammar lessons for a very low, one time limited offer if you act now of $5,000! But if you act now he'll throw in a sucker as there is one born every minute.hahaha

    I'm baffled that anyone would pay $2500 to "cheat" essentially and then make no money when trading with real money. No matter what, you need to figure out, what works for YOU!
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  9. Guys, i can sell you the advice, on where to find a bulk of them profitable on ET for free!Feel free to pm me, for free!
  10. Don't attend the combine right away,firstly spend 2 months on a SIM with your strategy to see if you can complete those months fulfilling all TST criteria. Better yet,make it 3 months.

    If you can do so,only then start with TST.Start from bottom ,$125 plan-then gradually work your to upper plans.You can also look at oneuptrader-I think they're offering TST $125 plan for $95.Now,I think $95 or $125 monthly to learn about my strategy & myself in a safe environment isn't a lot of money.

    I hope this makes sense.At least that's what I'm trying to do.
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