Want to sell Stockvision Powerscan Pro Lifetime License

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    Realtime charts and filter scan capabilities. Market replay paper trading for stocks and options allows you to fastforward or backtrack by the minute or day, great for training purposes or to test out strategies. (Comes with Optionality pro)

    Price is $350 right now on their site. Asking only $100.

    Prefer interac E-transfer or Pokerstars. ($105 if paying by paypal.)

    I won't be logging in anymore so it's all yours!

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  3. GotherL


    Ok kinda need cash since I put all my money in my broker and don't wanna withdraw any. $30 interac transfer only (Canada.)
  4. Wtf? Why not just use PayPal for a tiny amount like that?
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    Cause I need the money right away. If paypal I've to withdraw to my bank and it could take days.
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    Ok don't need the money anymore but I am still willing to sell this software for $50 thru paypal. I use TI premium right now so this software is useless to me but if you can't afford $199/month just an alternative to think about!