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  1. I have found a couple of companies in calgary but I was just wondering how to choose. Ive talked with Swift and have been trying to get ahold of Title Trading but no one has gotten back to me. Is there any others in Calgary?
  2. Anybody?? is there any good prop trading firms in Calgary??
  3. JohnMcd


    Swift Trade rocks dude
    Go check out the rest then go back to the best
    Swift has the best traders and the managers are great
  4. Owner actually. What are the others?
  5. maybe you can sit next to brian hunter if your lucky.
  6. John Mcdonald
    Is it not true you are a manager at Swift?????This is why you must be careful on these boards as at least 50% of the posts are BS.
    John if Swift is so great why did the Montreal owner leave to start his own firm?????And why does the company I now work for get at least 5-10 great swift guys a month coming in for interviews????I guess Swift would rock in third world countries where people get paid next to nothing and are just happy to have a job

    Swift Trade rocks dude
    Go check out the rest then go back to the best
    Swift has the best traders and the managers are great
  7. So is there any others? or am I on my own. And if so does anyone have a good website where I can start? I have the capital to start but am kinda scared since I have no experence.
  8. Do you want to trade in a office, or would you be happy trading remote? I've tried to find other prop firms that have offices in Canada for you and it looks like only Swift Trade and Title Trading are the only ones with offices across Canada.

    I hope I am not speaking out of school, but from what I have read Lescor is a manager for a firm that offers remote trading in Canada, as well as Don Bright with his Pair's Trading group located in B.C. Both of these men are very respectable members of this website and would probably be more then happy to help you out when it comes to your trading career.

    Good luck!
  9. Thanks, Ill try to find them and get some info. What is remote trading really mean? Is it at home but with there capital? Sounds great.
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    Maybe I should Change my nic name to Cal Trader so nobody knows who I am.:cool:
    The only traders that have left Calgary couldn't make any money so wherever they went I'm sure they are doing the same. Not sure where you heard 5 -10 good traders are joining your firm per month. I know everyone likes to take shots at Swift but the fact is Swift is the only firm that trains and supports traders. It's only natural that any experienced prop traders that show up on your door step would come from Swift. It would be nice to see another firm invest in, train and support traders the way Swift does instead of just poaching traders swift has spent a lot of money to develop.
    You are right 50% of the posts on this board probably are BS but I can assure you anything I have posted is on the up & up and I have never tried to hide my identity.

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