want to Make Money-then do this----

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Warrior4g, Oct 9, 2007.

  1. its all about fertilizer-the shippers,and infrastructure. that means on pull backs we buy MOS,AGU-MON-TNH-POT.
    we buy DRYS-TBSI-GNK-EXM
    we also buy FWLT-MDR-FLR-JEC
    and we also look at some defense as well-UTX-RTN-NOC-CMI.
    CMI is borderline defense but we have to look at the stock. its a monster.
    too many traders try and make things complicated,actually i should say investors. as a trader i just go where the money is on that specific day with no loyalty whatsoever to any particular stock but as an investor,the money is clearly where i stated. the shippers do not look like they want to pull back. the others may and that will be a great buying opportunity. i like tech but have lingering doubts about the consumer. the others i posted will go up regardless. consumers in emerging economies need grain and other food to survive so that means they need fertilizer and the machinery. of course we need to ship all that stuff as well as steel and iron and other commodities. the others are obvious as well.