Want to make 1k / month on 100k, selling options.

Discussion in 'Options' started by Tomaz26, Feb 26, 2018.

  1. Esha.J


    It all depends on what capital they have and how much they trade with it and on what. I am sure pros have a benchmark goal they want or have to achieve.
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  2. ironchef


    How do I know he is the one that can make 14% a year for me?
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  3. Jesus, you're one of those dim-witted/lazy people who want everything handed to you on a literal piece of paper or clay tablet like Moses.
    Work in fast food or be an accountant, if you're an expert in black and white...but have no apparent grey mind of your own.

    Steal the Night...there's no guarantee -- You gotta gamble, just like me.

    You can make 14% in a Week. 14% a year is for suckers. o_O
    Don't think so much about the money or trade or option -- But focus your senses on the underyling movement...your ability to trade and predict and monitor and read and/or manage the trade. I can write a whole book just on this level.

    The money and success will come if you can master the underyling market.
    Success/rewards/money is the nuclear warhead, and the effort is the remaining 95% of the rocket that's fuel/dead space or weight to get it there.

    I can make people here so much money, that they would suck my d*ck. and call me God. The idea of them quitting their menial jobs for trading profits makes them wet. (just stating the reality of the situation, w/o trying to sound too arrogant.)
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  4. ironchef


    I am dumb and slow but I am not lazy. I worked very hard to become a full time trader.

    Anyway, thank you for your coaching.
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  5. johnmarg1


    Tomaz, do u have a site for that QQQ collar study?
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  6. Tomaz26


    Both studies in the attachment.

    Would be great if any of the PROs here could comment on them :)
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