want to learn about and get into trading

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    hello guys,

    i want to start trading and came upon this forum while researching. what do you guys suggest studying, reading, or watching to learn about markets?

    thank you for the help
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    I looked at a lot of books. Investing Online for Dummies has about all the basic information you need to get started. It covers all the different aspects. Take it from this dummy.
  3. you will blow up your first 3 accounts, quit, and then blow up another account. Run as fast as you can.

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    paper trade, paper trade and paper trade.
  5. If you wanted to research bee stings, would you let yourself be stung repeatedly, or would you watch other people being stung? Subscribe to a realtime data service and just watch.
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    Best book ever is Reminiscences of a Stock Operator. The rules of the game have not changed in 80 years. You can learn a lot from the book.
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    Assuming you are legit, and not some umpteen alias

    Trading is the quintessential Ying & Yang

    It is the easiest way to make money there is


    It is also the most psychologically…, and emotionally – demanding way to make money there is

    One that is consistently full of pain and disappointment…

    No one likes being wrong
    No one likes losing money
    No one likes missing a move
    No one likes complete uncertainty

    But rest assured – they are all necessary – until the day you stop trading….

    Trading is also laden with, and plays upon – one’s ego…, fears…, insecurities…, opinions…

    And will – until the day YOU stop allowing it

    The good news

    Learn to operate within this environment – in spite of what you like…, how you feel…, what you think.., or what you want… You will succeed – and make all the money you choose

    The not so good news

    Don’t learn to do the above – You will fail… might even end up emotionally…, and/or financially – scared…, if not broken completely in two

    Just imagine how devastating it would be to realize one day – all this opportunity – and I can’t tap into it consistently – damn….

    Most trade their emotions…, feelings…, fears.., opinions…, ego…

    A very few trade – in spite of these


    So know this as you progress along your journey…

    Trading truly is simple… but not necessarily easy

    How easy will of course be your choice

  8. trading can be an excellent hobby for fun or profit. Some go on to make it a full time job. As the previous poster stated, open up a simulated account, many brokerages, and eventually you are going to need to clear through a broker, offer demo accounts.

    I would not waste my time or money on any books or websites or posters who claim they can help you beat the market.

    You won't make it very far if you don't have the investigative desire to search out the info on the mechanics of how markets work, and those books and websites should be obvious to you.

    Like the guy said, open up a sim (simulated) or demo account, then start asking questions.

    You young guys have it easy, there were no play money accounts when we started.
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  10. OT,

    " trading can be an excellent hobby for fun or profit......."


    for 35 years this was my hobby.
    so i never had a real job.

    what about my pension.........:)

    that sucks.


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