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  1. Hi Everybody ,

    What is the best indicator?

    Well! if you ask me I have to say that the best indicator is the indicator which is on time. All the indicators that we have are delayed. Their formula uses the information of the happened events and gives some information that we have to use for the future. It doesn't make sense, does it?

    It is like you say tomorrow it will rain because it has been raining since three days ago! This is not logical. That's why indicators make a lot of false signals and a lot of beginners lose all the money they have in their accounts just because of following the indicators signals.

    There is only one indicator which is not delayed: Candlestick!

    Candlesticks are the only real time indicators we have. The signals they give are the most accurate signals.

    You just need to spend some time and learn the language of the candlesticks. If you do that you will see that they really talk to you:

    > Bulls are getting stronger ...

    > Bears are trying so hard to take the control but have not been successful so far...

    > Bears failed to take the control and so the price will keep on going up by now.

    > The market is in an indecision status because both Bears and Bulls are as strong as each other. Wait...

    Yes! they really talk to you and you can not hear these news from any other indicator.