Want to get cancer? Increase your junk food consumption.

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    Again... Theoretically yes you would get fat, but nobody overeats healthy food consistently because they get full from all the fiber before they would get to the overeating point. So your point is noted, but it's really out there and ridiculous. It's like saying someone could get drunk from trace amounts of alcohol in Non-Alcoholic beer if they drank enough of it. Well sure, but nobody does that so the statement is pointless.
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  2. It's like you're going out of your way to be obtuse.

    It's easier to overeat when you eat junk food. Apart from the fact that sugar has been linked to cancer, the combination of fat and sugar, both staples of processed foods, interferes with the brain's ability to know when the body has had enough:


    Processed food manufacturers have scientists whose job it is to find the perfect combination of fat, sugar and salt to have you eating (and buying) more:

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  4. That was the point of Baron's thread in his opening post. You're the one that went off on a tangent about being overweight being linked to cancer. And so we addressed your issue as well, by pointing out how a balanced diet of unprocessed food makes you less likely to become overweight.

    Now step away from the soda and fries, and no one gets hurt.
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  5. FF is correct, Peke, you are trying to make an argument maybe on purpose?

    The majority of people who dine on junk food will be obese/overweight/unhealthy and obesity/diet is a significant risk factor for cancer. No one gives a shit about an exception of a thin person who consumes junk food all day, that metabolic freak is not within the normal distribution of data.

    There are numerous studies and I am not doing your homework, that show quality of calories is as important as quantity. Mostly junk foods and sugars, even within a 2000 calorie diet, can lead to metabolic syndrome, even if the scale does not show it.

    Most cancers list diet and obesity as risk factors for cancer. It does not say you have to be fat. A shitty diet will increase your risks because your intestines and colon are being attacked breaking down that crap and your cells become inneffective at absorbing all that extra glucose over time (unless they are cancer cells then please by all means feed them all you want).

    The American diet is high in sugar, sodium, unhealthy fat, and preservatives. It is no wonder that when you strip away smoking and other external carcinogens, that cancer rates have been steadily rising since the 1970s despite billions of dollars in research and development of chemo and targeted therapies, as well as mapping the human genes and cancer mutations. We eat like shit so we end up dying like shit.
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    Alright, I did not notice it. thank you. and apology for the misunderstanding.
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  7. Cutting all fast food out of my diet had many positives, including how I felt generally. No more hard crashes after eating that stuff. I do my best to cut out 99% of junk food, but you'll have to pry the Cheetos from my cold dead hands. To the point, junk food is not good for you by any measure.
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