Want to get cancer? Increase your junk food consumption.

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Baron, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Sorry, too lazy today to click on links. Maybe tomorrow....
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  2. If you eat healthy, the term healthy is not just the quality of food but the diet lifestyle as well. If you sit on your ass and eat fruit all day, you are not eating healthy.
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    What else would you sit on? :D
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    Steve Jobs* would like to respectfully disagree.

    *was a frutarian

    By the way you guys are not getting it: You can get fat from healthy food, thus your cancer risk going up, it doesn't have to be junk food. Anyway, I am out of here before I get brain cancer...
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    Maybe in some fringe-case laboratory scenario where participants are fed tons of fruits, vegetables and lean meats until they are about to explode, you'd be right. But everybody knows that eating healthy foods virtually guarantees weight loss, not weight gain. It's the nutrient deficient high calorie junk that causes people to effortlessly put on weight.
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  6. You have to envy drug addicts , they don't have to worry about dying from cancer
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    So if I overeat 1000 kcal of healthy food a day, I am not going to get fat? I think I just got brain cancer...

    What happens to the extra calories? Does the space time continuity magically sucks it away?
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  8. Again, eating healthy is about quality and quantity and balance of macronutrients. Getting fat from healthy food means you are loading up on healthy fats and proteins way behind satiety and not working out. Olympic Swimmers eat healthy but can down 5000 calories due to their regiment. If you ate 5000 calories of food you would get fat..
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  9. If you eat well-balanced, healthful meals then you are less likely to overeat.
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    Finally somebody acknowledging FACTS. Thank you. Apparently FF was unable to do so.

    So can we say now that it isn't necessarry the junk food type that causes cancer (I am sure that doesn't help) but the being fat part? So if I get fat on beer, my cancer risk still goes up although we know very well beer is a healthy food type. :)

    By the way I am not sure the causation is there. People who are fat most likely care less about other health issues with their body so it could be just a correlation without causation...
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