Want to Get Away From It All?

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  2. It looks like they get lots of applicants:
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    Hanging Out In Bigfoot's Place
  4. That is an absolutely fascinating building.
  5. i often think about it , leave all this luxury life , and get off this society and live alone , just myself , nature and peace .
  6. I've thought about that too and then I was reminded that meant dealing with a whole lot of bugs and other wildlife.
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  7. ruined the whole buzz =))
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  8. Hahaha, aw. I'm sorry. For the record, I have lived, in fact, in a place that was at the foot of a mountain, practically on the first slopes. Lovely nature, lots of greenery, fresh air, peace and quiet. And lots of crawling, flying, buzzing bugs. It just comes with the territory. :D
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    any deer flies? those bad boys can chomp out tiny plugs of skin, the bastards. skeeters, the bastards. proper balance of spiders in your realm is a godsend. and a trained jack russell or two for almost everything else.
  10. take me there with you :(
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