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    I want to form a group for beginner traders. We will all watch similar markets and trade price action. We will help each other learn and share our findings. We'll do this is a chat room and a yahoo group type deal. Anyone interested in doing this then private message me.

    Again, the idea is to help each other. We can learn a hell of a lot faster if we do it as a team. Most don't have access to a mentor, so we will help each other.

    I respectfully ask people to leave this thread alone if you only want to put down such an idea. I think working together in a constructive manner has merit.

    P.s. I am 100% serious about this. If you are not 100% committed to becoming a full-time trader, then don't bother sending me a message.

    I'll be posting this message on several forums.
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    Saw you post it is about a month old don't know if your still open.
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    what intruments? stocks/futures/options/forex?
  4. It may be simpler if you just start 1 to a few threads on ET, and people can post their thoughts on the fly. That way, you also have a trail of comments, it may attract others and people can comment on the thoughts of others. You also get people's calls time-stamped, so you have a chance to go back and verify ideas, whether they really worked out as hoped or not.

    With a chat room, what people say tends to get lost in the shuffle.
  5. To the OP: I swing trade stocks and ETFs. I have a yahoogroup dedicated to collaborating. The problem is that even though I have a few of my buddies signed up, me and one other guy are the only posters there. But we're making money. I think we need a couplemore guys there to ferret out stocks, refine the strategy, who are willing to keep the ideas quiet while we're improving and making $$$. I had one guy sign up from here once and he never posted...I think he was just snooping, or he's one those unfortunate souls that doesn't get on the internet. Show me you are active on the internet and serious and we can talk about it.

    But posting stuff on this site? If you're good, people get jealous and try to knock you down. If you suck, they point that out too. There are a few pearls among the peas, but not enough and who wants to give away all their secrets?

  6. is it a yahoo chat room you mean? i daytrade, an might be interested in checking out your room, we could chat about strategies. ive been trading for while but only daytrading for the last 2 months, still trying to create something consistant, if its a chat room I have a couple strategies that maybe you guys might be interested in taking a look at, seeing things from another angle might not hurt
  7. I am interested in joining a trading group. I use the Investtools Program and would like there to be others who use this same program. I am not limited to just this progrsm.

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    Excellent idea, Sir. It will most definitely work.

    >>> We will help each other learn and share our findings <<<

    If/when lost, just revisit this concept (which you've stated better than anyone) and rekindle any failed purpose.

    best of luck :)