Want to find Medved Quote Tracker paint bar discussion forum in ET?

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  1. I use QT (registered version ) with IB quotes. I miss the old forum in the QT site from where I picked a lot of info about paint bars. Today I will be blind with out them!!. It is a pity now QT is a part of Ameritrade & does not support forum. Not faulting their customer service though.
    Medved & team deserves the pay out they got at Ameritrade.But
    Since we are addicted to $1 ticket cost at IB ,we can not go to Ameritrade!! I will be glad if any of the QT users direct me to a active QT forum where we can talk all QT issues + paint bar set ups.
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  3. That looks like a good lead, and you should register and become part of their group if you want to brainstorm with other QT traders on how to get the maximum boost from using the software.

    Quotetracker is not designed to operate as a ready, jump out the box, trading platform. It is a toolkit which is designed to help the individual end-user retail trader put together the tools they need to develop a profitable system, with little or no programming knowledge involved in the process.

    There definitely were a lot of gems on the old quotetracker board, I still use some of the tools that I got from perusing it on many an all-nighter/marathon weekend spent studying them to gain better knowledge about how to use quotetracker, trading and understanding market logic.

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    Jimmy Jam

    P.S. In fact I just went and registered.
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    This might be handy....

  5. This is a truly excellent post.

    I've been trying to figure-out how to automate some of my QT Signals for quite some time now, and this website may provide the guidelines I need to do so (have to spend more time, energy and cash to prove it).

    Just one note, it probably will work better for position trade strategies which do not require split-second timing for trade entry, because I have found that my hand-eye is still better than the paintbar alerts for getting me into an intraday position, but for trades which are held longer-term, where a few ticks don't really make a difference, this respresents an ideal starting place for exploration of automated trading systems using Quotetracker.

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    I agree.

    A more serious combo is
    ensignwindows and http://www.futures-trader.net/

    as long as you can export a text file sent then most things are possible to automate

    Good trading
  7. Thanks to Guty, JJ, rols for the links.
    It is going to be a long night today.
    I have seen Ensign reviews & execellent looking charts. But now I have enough fancy looking charts.set ups etc. Only need to remove my human weakness from trading by automation !!
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    Does anyone know if it's possible to use a paintbar to draw a spread between two contracts? i.e. simply a calculation like <symbol> minus <symbol> and draw the resulting line chart. Quotetracker is a great app, and this is the one feature that would make it perfect in my book.

    Someone told me it's possible to Overlay two contracts on one chart, but I can only reference the capability for indicators, not price values.

    If anyone can help, much appreciated
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    above message wouldn't display my calculation for some reason...

    just a simple spread like symbol - symbol and chart the result...
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