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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by tango29, Sep 15, 2005.

  1. tango29


    I fried something on my trading computer. I was turning it on after a power outage in the area turned it off for a a couple minutes. As I turned it on the power spiked something got screwed up. I reinstalled everything, but it won't work with some programs including of course the platform. So I'm going to steal the kids and wife Dell 4700, but it has Win XP Home edition, and I'm pretty sure I need Win 2000 or XP Pro. I have Win 2000 from the fried computer, but when I go to install to make a dual boot on the Win XP Home computer it won't let me saying Win 2000 is an older operating system.
    Is there a way around this without deleting Win XP Home off the computer? I hate to have to buy XP Pro just to use it, and guess not sure XP Home and XP Pro can work on same computer either.
    Thanks, sorry for the long winded explanation to get to the question. :D
  2. nkhoi


    one way is attach another hard drive to XP Home then install your 2K to the new HD, when you re-start it should ask you which OS you want to boost