Want to day trade Nasdaq stocks

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by londonkid, Feb 28, 2012.

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    Is there anyone out there who can help. I am an experienced trader I have $5000 to deposit and want to trade Nasdaq stocks between 5 and 10 RT's per day. I am looking for a prop firm as I dont have the $25000 PDT requirement, otherwise I would open an interactive brokers account and trade for 0.5c commission per side. I am not looking for training as I am confident in my methods and business plan.

    I don't have any of the US regulatory exams as I am based in London UK.

    If any firms can help out please reply or shoot me a pm.

    Thanks in advance

    happy trading.

  2. Why don't you just trade the Nasdaq futures instead?
  3. For international firms there are:

    Broadstreet International
    Nevis Trading
    TM Global

    I think Broadstreet has the most expensive commissions.
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    Yeah, why not just cut out the desk fees, payouts, regulations etc and open an acct with one of the discount brokers? Lots of platforms to choose from and 5K easily sets you up to trade NQ plus you get to keep 100% :cool:

    Makes sense unless you trade specific equities and simply need the leverage.
  5. londonkid



    Thanks for the replies chaps. I already trade futures, my strategy specifically looks at Nasdaq stocks so cannot be replicated on futures.

    Anyone else got any suggestions.