Want to buy: Old Ken Roberts marketing mailings, catalogs, and courses

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by ImMrBlue, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. ImMrBlue


    If you have any of this laying around, I will buy it:

    1. Clippings of all different classified ads, as Ken Robert placed in Popular Mechanics, Fishing magazines, etc.

    2. The introductory mail / catalog... the one that you get when you responded to his classified ad. It is a non-glossy, 10 to 20 page 5x8 mail piece that "sells you" on his course.

    3. The OLD TWMPMM course (not TWMPMM II)

    4. Anything else you have - direct mail pieces, etc.

    I am more interested in buying the MARKETING materials that he used.

    Remember, the OLDER it is, the more it is worth to me... but I am interested in whatever you have.

    I will arrange a PayPal, check or money order payment - whichever you prefer. Please email me at mrblue@australia.edu

    Thank you