Want to block a website on Chrome, how can I able?

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  1. Russell18


    Hello everyone, I have been encountering a problem while going to block a website in Chrome. :banghead::banghead:

    I have searched for some blocking website extensions in the search extension block, there is showing the 3 site blocker extension tools.

    I am getting confused which one is good and safe? And I have no idea whether these tools work properly or not? :(:(:(:(:(
    Does anyone have any idea about blocking a website on Chrome?

    Or how can I able to block a website in another way?
  2. Just don't go to it...
  3. AbbotAle


    Cold Turkey Blocker.

    It's paid though, and its main use is to block out websites and/or browsing time when you're supposed to be working etc. I use it on my main trading PC to lock out all of my browsers between 7am-5pm. It's excellent.
  4. terr


    Let's say you want to block www.google.com

    in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\

    there is a file hosts.

    Edit it with your notepad.

    At the end add a line www.google.com
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  5. Careful with using Chrome extensions, because they can be sold by their original creators and auto updated with spyware or worse. If an easy alternative solution exists, go with that over a Chrome extension. In this case blocking websites directly in the host file is easy enough. Can also google your router and see if it has functionality to block websites.
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  6. Pekelo


    I used this new website called google and this came up:

    "Go to the website you wish to block and click the red BlockSite shield, then hit "Block this site" in the popup window. You can also block sites based on the language contained in their URLs under the "Block by Words" tab in the BlockSite settings page."
  7. virtusa


    But is does not work as you are now between 7am-5pm and posting instead of working...:banghead:
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  8. El Trado

    El Trado

    Yes. This is the way to go. It works similar on Mac. Just add the sites on the block list, and do not waste your time on semi-scetchy addons
  9. kmiklas


    Which site?
  10. Russell18


    Thanks for the overwhelming response. I understand that editing the host file is the best way to go to block a website for my PC. But it is not one of the easiest or convenient way to do so. I searched a bit in google and found this post which shows one particular extension which does the job effectively.
    Can you guys have a look and let me know if this would be the best way to go forward.
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