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    Currently I am a computer engineer, and I feel it is time to change my life. I always want to be part of trading world and never get chance. What should I do as my first step? Someone suggest that I should looking for a "day trader" position since lots of company will offer training for new inexperienced people. Can anyone fill me in detail? Thanks a lot.
  2. There are so many types of traders out there and so many ways to trade. I know news, monentum,swing, and day traders. you have to define what kind of the trader you want to be. I trade w/ these guys...leverage buying power 2x swing and 4x intraday.

  3. By my count, there are about 28 engineers/programmers now left in the entire world, as all the rest have left their jobs to become traders.

    I cant figure out how all the technical work that needs doing is still getting done ! :confused:

    Regardless, best of luck on your endeavor !

  4. ya. don't do it

    do it on side if you must but keep that career and steady income

    do both, make it work
  5. You are 101% wrong. These people are so called engineers/programmers, because they aren't even good in their own field of business. They just learned bit of theory, but practically zero

    There is money to be made in every field, only if you are little above average.
  6. Quit only if you start making at least 1.5x your current salary. Otherwise, don't do it.
  7. I advise dozens of people in your position weekly about switching careers. A cynic would say that I am biased, and that's possible, but the advice is the same nonetheless. We offer a solid class that delves into the world of professional trading, trading for living, using a $million or more with a modest amount of risk capital provided by our traders. We obviously have hundreds of successful traders.

    We cover the "business" of trading, how the exchanges work, the clearing firms, current strategies, risk control, and a whole lot more....not just from me and my brother, but from other solid, younger traders who have transitioned.

    It might be wise to invest a few bucks before making a major career change. Trading is not[/]for everyone, can be very enticing, and is often misunderstood (trading at this level anyway).

    Trading is not difficult, but yet not understood very well by many.

    FWIW - www.stocktrading.com/training.html (no commitments or anything).

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    Go all in but before you do so, get a taste of trading while you still have a job, then if you think you have the built, give up your job and trade.

    Don't try to learn it entirely by yourself. Find what you want to trade. Is it options/futures/equities/commodities then find your timeframe...daytrading/swing/investing then take some unbiased training while you still have a job. From this point, you will have a good idea whether it's the job you want or not.

    Do a search here and you will find tons of advice...good and bad.
  9. One time fee of 1000? I don't mean to be a cynic, but with 1000 he could buy all the literature he needs to start, plus some and go to a good seminar after he has a base.
  10. The absolute best way for you to get started is to get a job AS a computer engineer/developer with a trading company.

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