Want opinions from experienced Swift-Trade ppl

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by ricebear, Dec 18, 2006.

  1. ricebear


    I am considering to join the firm, but after reading a lot of posts on the Internet. I don¡¦t know if it is a wise thing to do.

    I am hoping current/ex swift trade people (who have been in the firm for more than 6 months) can help me ~

    I have a friend, who just joined the firm for less than 3 months, telling me all the good things about the Swift-Trade. But the bottom line is she is not making any money and none of her colleges. I realized it may take a while to get paid. Therefore, I want to hear from the people who have at least 6-months experience to give me a fair opinion instead of ¡§brain-washed¡¨ comment.

    1)How long have you stayed in the firm?
    2)What is/was ur average income per month from swift-trade?
    3)Are you still a member? Why you left / stay?
    4)What¡¦s future for this job?
    5)What do I expect to learn from them?

    Thank you all. All your comment will help to make a wise decision.

    Hope all of you have a success career and make a lot of $$$$ :) :) :)
  2. Maybe you should instead ask what *YOU* bring to the table!
  3. Tums


    what did your friend do that she couldn't make any money?

    is it because of the low pay out?
    is it because of the high fees?
    is it because the leverage was not high enough?
    is it because the training was not useful?
    is it because of the poor quality equipment/system?
    is it because your friend is a bad trader?
  4. mnx


    trading is tough, making it at swifttrade is no different from anywhere else.

    swift is a decent place to be IMHO, I've been there 3 years.

    if you want to chat more, you can contact me via PM...