want magic? say something about babak in chit chat

Discussion in 'Politics' started by abra trader, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. and watch it dispappear!!!

  2. You are DEFINITELY Vinny!! No doubt about it!

    FRuiTY P.
  3. fruity, I thought you already proclaimed this.

    It's o.k. you add good punch to this board.

    ps how many times does babak spank it per day? (this was my recent deleted post question)
  4. LOL nice one. :D


    p.s. I will say 3. :p
  5. Vinny, Babak's gonna see this and think we are the same person just talking to himself..watch! HEEHE

    F. P.
  6. he will post we are talking to ourselves, or just kill the thread?

    He has alot of power, you know.
  7. Kill the thread. Definitely. This will be gone in like 10 minutes, man.

    F. PeBBLe :(
  8. The only thing he has no power over is the sense of righteous indignancy people feel after he deletes their post.
  9. you seem to have alot of clout around here. Heck, babak even said (in his famous hyppocritical post) that he wont censor you, b/c your funny...

    so 777, see if you can put your stamp of approval on this thread, and so it wont be deleted.
  10. Abra I will prove you wrong right now ------> BABAK YOU ARE AN IDIOT!

    #10     Mar 5, 2003