Want easy money? Short ANYTHING today

Discussion in 'Trading' started by crgarcia, Nov 5, 2007.

  1. Anuway cover your shorts rapidly.
  2. Got stopped. I was wrong I admit it.

    This reminds me not to trade during non-trending markets.
  3. Please refrain from starting dumb threads like this and just trade. No one, especially from now on, care what your predictions are.

  4. Surdo


    Another candidate for my IGNORE list.
    Actually, I may just start fading this pea brain!
  5. The trend is up, you just were blinded by your own bias. Which happens, but starting retarded threads about easy money was easily avoidable. I hope you learned your lesson.

  6. ElCubano


    easy money was in RIMM...thank you stock turd...yeah baby come to papi
  7. These threads are an excellent fade.
  8. There's just no clear trend now.

    The market is very choppy, that means it is consolidating.
  9. We're at the bottom of the trading range

    anyone with any brains is going long now

    Im tired of the 'lesson learners' those who keep insisting that we need to learn lessons. Learning lessons from dotcom bust. Leanring lessons from subprime. Learning lessons from 1987 crash. lessons from great depression.

    Then they associate a previous market crash with the curent trading activity and make the claim that wallstreet is irrational and needs to learn a lesson so that history wont be repeated. That is a valid point but it gets redundant and is annoying because you dont make money that way.

    I'm not into learning lessons so much as I am into making money.
  10. There's just no clear trend now.


    Just what period of trend are you looking at? Looks to me like long, intermediate, and short term are all up.
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