Want DAVE HESTER back on this Storage Wars

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    In December 2012, David Hester filed a lawsuit against A&E Television Networks alleging that producers of Storage Wars rigged the reality-television series by salting storage lockers before they were auctioned off to buyers.

    Among the claims that Hester is bringing in his lawsuit against A&E is that the network has engaged in unfair business practices. Hester says his claims arise from producers' conduct in alleged violation of Section 509, which prohibits "influencing, prearranging, or predetermining outcomes" in "contests of knowledge, skill, or chance."Hester says that the defendants' alleged violation of this law has harmed him.

    For 26 years, Hester has been a professional buyer of abandoned storage lockers. He says producers began salting lockers during the first season, and that after he complained, the producers stopped salting the storage units that he acquired but continued salting the storage units acquired by other cast members. As a result of alleged "interference and manipulation of the outcomes of the auctions shown" on Storage Wars, he says that producers have made it appear that he is less skillful than his competition. He now says that others have stopped doing business with his shops, and that because of all this, he's been forced to close his storefronts.

    Last month, A&E responded to Hester's claims, saying that the reality TV star was not a crusading whistleblower but rather someone who was being vindictive after contract negotiations for his future participation on the show didn't go his way.

    Bring him back
  2. I liked hester. He is my kind of prick. The kind of guy you walk away from backwards, so you didn't get stabbed in the back. In the end though he's a bully and a cry baby. I want him back too.:D
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    I've often wondered what type of people watch those kind of shows.

    Now I know.
  4. It's worse than you think. I was involved in the storage bs....:D

    Except people paid me to take the crap not the other way around, this was way back when. I didn't do alot of it but some.

    One unit, a guy calls a guys calls me up, he has a 10 x 15 unit and it is packed full of office equip. Mostly new stuff. Lateral file cabinets, desks chairs, etc. I figured out my landfill costs added in my trucking costs and labor, profit and charged him. I got the job, and really had trouble selling the stuff, I didn't have the storage room for all this, gave a lot away, dumped the rest.

    One other thing, once when I was at a storage place some guy used his unit as a pallet shop. He used to rebuild pallets. lol.

    A guy like Hester could make money, imo, only because he runs auctions, that's a different business model than running a goodwill store with op junk. (I did this also except I rented space in a consignment shop and didn't have to be there.)

    Getting back to Hester the prick. :cool: I met a similiar guy, he bought a piece of my furniture for 75$. I thought that was damn good price. He refinished the piece and sells it at his auction for $575 ( I watched this happen ...arggghhhh). He took great delight in pissing me off.

    Later when I was selling out the inventory of my business. He was interested and gave me a quote. I sold it to his competitor for exactly half right before his very eyes. I did not care, it was all profit to me and walked away. Frig him.:D
  5. I'm sorry but WTF are you talking about? Hester's auction house failed quickly, it was his store that was making the big bucks. He was doing 2-3 mil in revenue prior to the shows. And that he had to shut down because once the shows really hit, he pissed off his customers on one end and pissed off the storage auction crowd on the other. He was trying to turn the exposure from the show into his upstart auction house venture but it never really materialized.
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    has cut-back the on the screen time for three of its main players of their cast in the wake of the Dave Hester lawsuit against the A&E network and the production company for the show. This started with Hester being “frozen out” of the show, which prompted him to file a lawsuit and also made accusations that the show planted items in the storage units and much of the great finds were fakes, according to Radaronline on May 1, 2013.

    It is Darrell Sheets and Dan and Laura Dotson that you'll be seeing less of next season. This is the same thing the show did to Hester, which started the ball rolling for his lawsuit. Sheets will be “frozen out” of about six extra episodes of “Storage Wars.” The husband and wife team of auctioneers will also be cut back in the season that just wrapped up shooting.
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    I never understood why anyone would go on that show and basically just give their edge away.

    Ran into a local guy that USE to make a living buying storage lockers. He said ever since those shows, everybody and his brother was showing up and bidding crap sky high.

    Btw, Hester was a class a prick.

    Yuuupp! :D
  8. All I want to know is who dresses Hester? He dresses like Zorro as a toddler. I guess he was intimidated after all.
  9. I want to do "Big Titted Porn Stars Storage Pawn Shit". That should just about appeal to everyone. They buy stuff at a Pawn shop, put it in a locker, then fuck.

    That's two popcorn bowls right there.
  10. Years ago I used to do commercial remodel work and got into the same kind of situation when my customers would give me stuff, supplies and equipement and furniture to get it off their hands. Big pain in the ass, and cluttered up my shop. Now I throw away anything I can't use. It seems a waste but it's even hard to give away stuff.
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