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  1. Where do you think the USD goes vs. the CAD from here??? Do you think 1 to 1 will hold or am i soon to be working for a much weaker dollar

    Thx for any replies.
  2. CAD>USD :(
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    You can bet that the dollar will raise since BNB has weighed in on it.
  4. should have included this in the original post, please post a fundamental or technical reason why you think it will break i am starting to get concerned and wondering wether or not it is time to start learning to trade the TSX. I trade stocks not currencies, that is why i humbly ask for opinions.

    IMO from a purely technical standpoint i think it is positive for USD fans that the USD/CAD held its ground at 1 to 1 instead of breaking out, like a lot of stocks do when they are on a rampage at round numbers like that.

    That said, fundamentally, the U.S. Economy is going to the shitter faster than Michael Moore on laxatives.

    Thus mixed opinions.
  5. lol.. check the latest quote reading on that pair?

    fundamentally in the U.S, the credit crunch will be the added punch to the fall of the dollar. foreign countries(who do most of our buying of the dollar) are just simply losing interest in our dollar. to say the war hasn't had an effect on all of this would be an understatement.

    i would expect the dollar to continue to lose its value and hopefully washington and the fed. reserve will get their stuff together and bring the dollar on the right track..

    technically, there are more sellers than buyers so we are starting to see more of a price imbalance in this downtrend that we are in.

    anyone care to debate me on how we will bring the dollar on the right track?
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    BNB, didn't you suggest shorting the euro a couple of weeks back, just prior to it pounding the dollar?

    I'm just basing it off of your last call:)
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    This is not me being a smart ass to you but.....Who is to say the dollar is on the "wrong" track. Obviously its very weak, at this point I'd have more confidence in the future of the Argintine Peso than my good old Greenback which I PERSONALLY find to be sad. However, from an economic and policy point of view, and esp in light of all the debt we are carrying right now given how important global trade is to our largest corporations, why does a weak dollar have to be a bad thing? Just a "food for thought" kind of question that you should ask yourself regardless of your bullish or bearish stance. What purpose is this weak dollar serving? Who or what is it helping, and by helping them what is the overall effect? So can you give me several reasons why the weak dollar is bad? please do, but also you always need to consider the other side of your trade..so can you give me several reasons it could be good? please do.
  8. BNB Analytics is predicting a rash of earthquakes [US-side] on the US/Canada border fault-line. As a result, the Canadian border will be oceanfront property. You can imagine what this will do for the value of the Loonie.

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  9. The question was not wether or not the USD going down was good for the economy the question was wether or not the USD WAS GOING TO GET STRONGER vs. the CAD, i could care less wether or not the USD going down is good for the U.S. economy i just want to know wether or not you think it will happen and why. I make U.S. dollars and do not want to work for a weaker dollar since i live in Canada. Do not mean to be harsh just want to keep this on topic.

    Thank you Da-Net for the reply appreciate the input.
  10. Atticus i have always respected your opinion, and continue to do so, BNB is on ignore now, do you have an opinion on the USD/CAD?
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