Want a happy, healthy country? Focus on reducing inequality.

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  1. By increasing military spending, taking over the world and "making them all like us" or by cutting military spending and educating?
  2. The authors are basing their research on facts and reality?!? Holeeee Jebus! Facts and reality have a liberal bias, dontcha know this is a Christian country and we can't have any of that.

  3. Propaganda.

    We spend money to protect us from bad guys, not on "killing"
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    If somebody is mad/depressed/angry/doing drugs/shooting, robbing, raping people/insert other negatives here just because somebody else has something they do not, then that person is #$@&ed up already and no amount of "equality" is going to fix them.

    The root problem is not inequality. The root problem lies closer to the "victim" subscribing to a bad philosophy. When one spends their days blaming others for their problem, one never seems to get around to doing much to solve those problems. Keep eating at McDonald's and blaming them for being a big fat whale.

    Wanna be a winner? Take responsibility for your life and your actions - solve your problems, overcome your obstacles, accept that life is not fair. Wanna be a loser? Blame everybody else for everything bad that happens and wait for other people to fix things for you.
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    Great article, many thanks.

    This was also eye-opening:
    "Incredibly, in the WTO’s rules of governance, there is not one reference in any of its documents to the underlying bilateral exchange rate between two countries when trying to reconcile trade differences."

    Hadn't known that.
  6. What has (or should I say, "had") made America great was "Equal Opportunity".

    Promoting "Equal Outcome" is DEATH TO ALL EXCEPT FOR THE CONTROLLING ELITES! Much like the USSR before its collapse. Anybody want that? Of course not... then y'all better wake up, 'cause that's exactly where we're headed... :mad: :mad:
  7. Hear, Hear!!
  8. Hit the nail on the head!
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