Want a good laugh ,check out the last dying days of RTNB

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  1. can't make this stuff up.
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  2. SEC should look into WHO caused the ridiculous price spike on 6 MM shares, in a company that was basically doomed.

    If you permit blatant manipulation, then what other less obvious scams are you allowing?
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    Have you filed a report here https://denebleo.sec.gov/TCRExternal/disclaimer.xhtml
    It's generally more helpful if you report something you suspect to the SEC rather than just carrying on about it on a bulletin board. Crazy thought, I know.
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  4. If I filed a report every time I saw something suspicious, I wouldn't have time to post here and wise up you retired postal workers pretending to be big swinging .....
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  5. This is where a algo trader would more likely get caught and a discretionary trader should not have.
    Typical high risk stock one should not attempt to play around with, that is unless you do this sort of thing constantly and know how to play the game.
    All is fair, if you wanna fiddle with dynamite, expect to get blown up from time to time.
    Edit: an algo will trade nigh on anything once its programmed, a discretionary trader will eye up risk vs reward on stupid trades and act accordingly.
    Edit again: Possibly an algo buying just above 50c support, smack it up and dump it. Good trading strategy.
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    you are jealous of their pension and health benefits.
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    maybe they mistook ET for a swingers club. remember market surfer and his parties with timothy sykes.
    on the serious side start a newsletter. newsletters can make good money if done right and simultaneously trade.
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    Was he your mentor? Did you learn a lot from following him?
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    Ya know... there are people out there that exclusively play penny stocks to the long side that use scanners to flag strong momentum.

    That move basically started with 7000 shares. The price action becomes a self-fulfilling prophesy. Its not manipulation, its just the way it works. Somebody ends up holding the bag. So what. Only an idiot would hold that stock overnight. Idiots deserve to lose their money.

    Say TSLA gaps down to $220 tomorrow...or gaps up to $450 because Elon tweeted a pic of his semi truck a day early.... whats the difference? Risk/reward. Who f'n cares?

    Don't swim in shark infested waters (and don't buy cough syrup from a Gypsy) great grandma Zandy always said.
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  10. Really. You think 7,000 shares ignites a 6 million share day?
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