Want 2 Start Trading Floor In India?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by pallav, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. pallav


    hi,i am a 2 yr experienced,profitable trader--wishing to start a branch of swift/title in india.seek successful affiliate manager of swift/title or similar firms wishing 2 diversify in 2 india.we can invest $10k also.my email:gauravghosh@hotmail.com

    i am from india,having good contacts in neighbouring countries,any manager wishing 2 start in these locations having low manpower,overhead costs,can contact me.
  2. bespoke


    if all you have is 10K then it doesn't sound like you're very profitable.

    and umm... have you tried emailing those companies? on the front page of swifts website theres a form to fill out under the words "OPEN A TRADING FLOOR". as for title, here you go http://www.titletrading.com/liscensing.html

    and someone can correct me if i'm wrong but IIRC you'll need at least 30K or so to start up one of those branches