Wanna trade from the beach or the mountains?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by graeco, Jun 18, 2003.

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    I have a 24ft motorhome with a Motosat Datastorm dish.It automatically deploys and finds the satellite anywhere in the US and even parts of Canada and Mexico.Download speeds up to 1mb but upload speed similar to dialup.My plan was to trade while I travelled.Unfortunately I have been loseing and cannot afford it anymore.Asking $16900.Located Nth California.
  2. would you consider selling just the datastorm system ??


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    Dont want to sell the Datastorm before I get a buyer for the RV.
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    Hrmm, sounds interesting. How old is the motorhome? Can u give more details on it besides the trading system? Might know someone interested.
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    "The MotoSAT DataStorm allows 24 hours a day, 7 days a week access for $99.99 per month! There are no “per minute” fees."

    is this true? internet access from satellite anywhere in the world for $99 a month? jesus....i'm paying $50 a month and i'm stuck here in SF !!! :)
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    Its all true
  7. More info on motorhome. Make? Year? amenities, etc.
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    1989 24ft Mallard class C.Ford 460Fi.56k miles.Well maintained,easily passes California smog.Excellent tyres.All the usual equipment in good order including generator and tow pack.Relating to the Motosat,there is 130amp alternator.40amp charger.1000watt inverter.Two 4D batterys.
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    Why not take a picture of it and post it here?

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    But first I must go and buy a digital camera.:D
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