Wanna short stock with symbol: gold

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by heilbronner, Jan 6, 2003.

  1. Can't short this stock through IB, also no options available on this stock. Think this is nothing but a profitable short squeeze. Is it possible to short "gold" with another broker?
  2. I just telephoned my broker to check. There are shares of GOLD available to short. Hope this helps.
  3. What's the name of your broker?
  4. Mr. Stock
  5. FYI


    Specializing in selling short our investers
  6. rotfl

    i've never heard it before. original work?
  7. FYI


    I know I can become a miserable SOB on a losing day as well.

    Better luck tommorow.:D
  8. Babak


    IB says this is available to short.
  9. Yes now it is available for shorting, some days ago it wasn't.
    Anyway, thanks for the reply.

    So now I'm short this stock and see what's happening.
  10. I'm short and I'm willing to short much more of this stock, the more I'm forced to sell additional pieces, the higher the total profit will be in the end.

    This stock has no P/E, just an operation somewhere in Africa. Some of these highflying goldfield stocks are just the same kind of bubble internet stocks used to be some years ago.

    Even though it might be that the commodities might rise much higher, the related stocks already reach irrational levels, but that's how the things go.

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