Wanna keep good time ya gotta have a good watch.

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  1. Like my clothes, most of the watches I own were gifts.
    Now I'm looking to buy myself a decent watch. I've looked at a few local jewlery stores which seem to be over priced but willing to negotiate.

    Has anyone ever purchsed a decent watch on-line?

    I checked out watchesplanet.com and tourneau.com
    Any good/bad experiences anywhere?

    I'm not looking for a Rolex. I like some of the Oris, Omega, TAG(even though everyone's got one), and Hamilton.

    Thanks for any input.

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    Raymond weil
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    If by decent you mean that the watch is on time, you can have one for $10...
    If by decent you mean that it is expensive so people would notice that you are a big swinging dick trader, try:



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    One of my best friends is a watch addict. You named, in your price range, EXACTLY the watches most in demand. I'll be talking to my buddiy later today. I'll ask him about hypothetical buys at a K or so. BTW: I wear a twenty year old Rolex Air King. Probably worth $1500. Very understated watch and I'm amused when a few times a year someone will say "nice Rolex" about a watch that's worth 10% of a Presidential...
  6. Thanks Pabst. Yeah, $900-$1,500 is the range I'm looking for.

    Actually the Air King is the only Rolex that I would buy. A friend of mine had one that I always admired.

    There's a Tourneou store near my parent's house. Next time I'm down there I'll try on a few. I'm looking for a quality watch, that doesn't look like I have a clock on my arm(like a Lunari would) and one that will be in style 50yrs from now.

    My brother in-law has a nice Patek Phillepe but it's more of a dress watch. I want something that I can wear on the weekend with a Polo shirt and shorts, but also looks great with a nice suit. Sort of like James Bond ..but I don't like that Omega Seamaster b/c of the blue face.
  7. Nice watch. I have a steel Oyster Perpetual Datejust, which is a bit less understated than the Air King, and which I bought in 1983. It has been through everything. Unless I get mugged along the way, I imagine it will be the last watch I will ever own. Incidentally, the retail value of your watch is fairly higher than the number you suggested. New, I think it is closer to double that amount.
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    Back when I was into watches because (I was single and I was shitting cash) I always checked the watch case at price club in San Diego. Ocassionally you would see sweet Omegas, Tags and and other nice watches in there virtually half priced.

    I picked up a Baume and Mercier and Raymond Weil the Weil was lees than half the "retail" price.
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    You own a true classic. That's the great thing about a Rolex, in 2050 they'll still look "in style."
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