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  2. Why would anyone opt to get a certificate over a master’s degree? The quants you’d be competing with on the market will have their master’s and PhD’s, what will a certificate get you? Furthermore, if you're looking to get a certificate, I'd certainly look into Columbia's Financial Engineering certificate - I think it's a distance learning program, but no doubt Columbia will be more bang for the buck!
  3. When it comes to the actual trading, what's the difference between a Quant and a Fundamental Analyst? Does either know any other solution to a losing position besides averaging down?
  4. LOL! That is a bullshit course devised by the "Wilmott money making organisation" for wannabes.

    If you don't want to do a PhD, there are many decent masters programs in Mathematical Finance and Applied Finance these days, but they'll take you longer than 6 months part time - and they don't have "take home" exams like the CQF - LOL!
  5. Well, I'll tell you one thing: I met Wilmott in person and I must say the guy is pretty much into himself and pretty arrogant to boot. I introduced myself to him and told him I would like to be able to join his online forum. He said I couldn't because I didn't have a corporate or university domain name in my email address. Here, he lets all of these faceless people join the forum, and won't let me in, even after I told him "this is where I live", "this is where I work", "here's where you can contact me". He wouldn't make an exception to his "policy". Oh, the policy is in-force because he wants the ability to go after someone legally in cases of defamity, etc.
  6. Most hedge fund people I speak with want thinkers not followers. They tell me the problem they have now is they get MBA's that get frustrated at maze problems. Of course I can only imagine those Quant classes aren't much better equipped to teach anyone problem solving techniques.
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    The quant traders will usually get 10-20% of the profits they make for the ibank or fund.

  8. you are out of your mind and league with these kind of statements.

    MBA's have absolutely nothing to do with quant finance. your equating the two clearly demonstrates my first statement.

    i can only imagine the hedge funds lining up to have you solve their problems.


  9. Correct, Surf....some operational research MBA's swerve in the direction of Quants, but I dare say nowhere near the level of sophistication. As we discovered, even concepts as simple as Monte Carlo simulation can get incredibly complex when dealing with multidimensional analysis.
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