wamu, bottom picking (or "I like pain")

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Chood, Feb 28, 2008.

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    I'm looking for trenchant analysis of when (price wise) to buy Wamu, knowing that bottom picking, armed with only what I know now, isn't the best idea.

    I know something about the company, enough to be interested. But need more. Any ETers up to it?
  2. i would buy at the january lows, if they are retested, its would be a triple bottom, 12.00 - 12.50 area
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    Thanks for the reply.
  4. S2007S


    Forget WM, go with XLF or UYG.
  5. WM and C are on my radar again. I actually traded WM both long and short a couple weeks ago in and out on 2-3% moves on block trades. It has a nice range usually.

    Personally would like to see Cuomo rip them a new ass again before going in.

    The day is coming to make a play on financials again probably around pump and dump FED time. A better play might be XLF on the financials for the next sucker rally. There might be a sneek attack rally on financials coming on some BS fluff...

    A retest of lows would be nice. It might be CFC all over again so be quick and nimble.
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    Excellent entry measured intraday today. I'm still on the sidelines and may regret not acting today on your advice.
  7. ==============
    Jan 2008 lows which are 1998 lows also can go down to $10 area;
    not likely i would want to be early long in a class action lawsuit infested - downtrending sector,
    course thats just me.

    WM does , [at this time] have some but not all of the class action suits like C, CFC, but sell volume is averaging higher, for sure.:cool:
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    the california real estate implosion has barely just begun-only down 17% in 7 months.Avg price here in LA is 470k.Avg salary 48k.Avg downpayment 75k...Wamu has a lot of cali exposure.A complete mickey mouse operation.Single digits easy...
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    Patience is paying off. Of course, I'm waiting chiefly because I'm largely clueless. Luck favors the dumb and the brave, it appears.
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    you gotta love this guy....ill be watchin'
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