Wamu 12 mo CD = 5%. Take it? It's FDIC insured.

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  1. The worst that can happen if you put in under $100k is the FDIC, or another bank who takes control of your account via the FDIC, sends you a check rather than Wamu. Make sense? Would you do it? 5% is a terrific rate on an FDIC insured CD.
  2. FDIC in itself is not trustworthy at the moment in my books.

    And I would keep 20 mile distance from any WAMU wachovia branches.

  3. why are you on a trading site talking about 5% per year as a good return??? After inflation and taxes, its a negative return. You can buy PFE or T and get around a 6% tax advantaged dividend.
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    If the bank goes under, you will not get any accrued interest on your cd. You'll get your principal back up to FDIC limit.
  5. That is not true.

    I continued to receive interest on my Indymac CD after they went under.
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    Clubber, per FDIC website:

    What happens when a bank fails?
    The FDIC would either transfer the insured depositor's account to another FDIC insured bank, or give the insured depositor a check equal to their account balance. This includes the principal and interest accrued through the date of the bank's closing, up to the insurance limit.
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    it's called diversification- look it up
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    Their 8 1/2 2010 paper is 41% YTM. Tod bad that is not FDIC insured, though maybe it is Hank Paulson insured?
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    i understand your point but, if you really believe the FDIC/US govt. will fail to back bank deposits, i am curious as to what currency or asset class your $ is in?

    if, however, you don't feel the whole system is going to fail, then WAMU or the like @ 5% (vs 2.5% in BoA) makes sense as long as you make sure your deposits are structured correctly to take advantage of the FDIC limits. i have business funds in their 4% money market and personal in this CD and their 3.75% mmkt. i did take money out of WAMU a few months ago to put myself within FDIC limits...
  10. I might look at that I am getting 3.65 APY from my credit union and it's maturing.
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