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  1. Hey everyone,

    I am back with another fresh setup that is really cool. It is inspired by LRB's ANTI setup, but it's how i like to call it, more evolved and for the ones weak at heart, produces far less losses than the original system presented in her Street Smarts.

    It can be applied to charts from Monthly, right down to the hour and even 15 minutes, although everything under an hour i would suggest you stay out as it's got a lot of noise.


    I have attached a chart but before looking at the image here is what the image shows:

    The bars are RED if:

    a) the 20EMA is declining
    b) the 10 MA of the 7 period %K is declining (%D)
    c) The 14 period ADX is rising

    The bars are GREEN if:

    a) the 20EMA is rising
    b) the 10 MA of the 7 period %K is rising (%D)
    c) the 14 period ADX is rising

    When the bars are RED, you look for small drifts against the trend in order to sell. Draw a trendline connectin te lows.

    When the bars are GREEN, you look for small drifts against the trend ino rder to buy. Draw a trendline connecting the highs.

    Drifts exist when:

    Bars are RED and %K (period 7) is rising for at least 2 bars

    Bars are GREEN and %K (period 7) is falling for at least 2 bars.

    Exit after 2 periods since entry.
  2. Aaaand another one. GBPCHF consolidating and the making an inside day.

    Stop placed below the previous day's low.

    GBPCHF then takes the buy stop, rallies and then makes a two day upside accumulation and on the fourth day there is a buying climax and so we exit on the day's close.