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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Lobo, Oct 26, 2003.

  1. Lobo


    I did an Elite search on Walter Bressert
    and Profit Trader Software and came up with Zilch here on Elite.

    His website is

    If anyone has direct experience with Mr Bressert's seminars,
    video presentations or his software, "Profit Trader",
    I would be interested in hearing your opinions.

  2. is this the bressert who developed
    some technical indicators ?
    DSS-BLAU ?

    if yes, this stuff is rather useless...
  3. tango29


    one who you can look up at the cftc for violations. You make the call whether it's justified or not.
  4. Lobo


    Thanks for the reply's.

    He seems to have done quite a bit of "Cyclic Research"

    Was just wondering if anyone had some hands on experience with him......

  5. I have used WB's Profit Trader software for TS. I believe it offers some valuable input in the decision making process for timing the markets.

    Attached is a graphic of the S&P500 with a few of WB's studies.
  6. Lobo


    RTS..........Thanks for the interesting Chart.......
    I guess my next step is to read his book...
  7. Walter's speaking at the DTUSA session in Orange County (Calif.) next week (11/8) from 9:00am to noon. Admission is virtually free ($10/$20).

    The session will probably be available, recorded, on-line the week after.