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  1. this fuckin evil empire tried to sue a former employee who became disabled in a car accident to recoup lost insurance payments.
    high praise to cnn for exposing this.
    ya know that fnc/fbc would never cover this story. they are good at covering sex sex sex.
  2. WMT probably had no choice. The corp or individual is not necessarily the one who decides wether to sue.
  3. msnbc was bashing wmt every night about this story.
  4. Turok


  5. i think some lawyers should be taken to task also. did anyone notice she won a million but only got 470k after lawyer fees.
  6. they are a corporation. And many do this.
    And there was no "exposing" it. This is a common practice.

    Try reading the occasional inserts in your credit card bills, if you want to see fine print

    And personally, I feel no guilt with shopping there, Costco, or other discounters.

    Most of the "evil empire" stuff is hype and fluff from union whiners or people with nothing better to do with their lives.

    Walmart salaries and benefits are little different from other retailers. You think the 71 year old man working at McDonalds or 7-11 is making $30 an hour with full healthcare? Even if he is fulltime?