Walmart to increase work for by 36% in 5 years

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  1. Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world’s largest retailer, plans to increase its workforce by 36 percent in the next five years as global economic growth boosts spending.

    New employees will be hired “mostly” outside the U.S.,


  2. Yup... LOTS more $1/hr workers.
  3. Can you blame them, though? Here in Barakistan businesses can expect nothing but more regulations, taxes, unionization, lawsuits, etc.
  4. Well that is the future for the Millennial and their grandchildren.

    The future for them is 100K college debt and minimum wage or low wage McJobs.

    I predict in 20 years you will need a college degree even for jobs at Walmart,Mcdonalds etc..
  5. I agree Scata..

    So, think about this long term play. Walmart now, 1000 shares, sit back for the next 10 years and not look at it. Profits will double as "Overhead" work force dwendles. US consumer, once they mellow out from fear, will bring profits even higher as they spend more and more at walmart.

    Fuck...I just talk myself into buying Walmart...

    Thanks Scata...:cool:
  6. Barakistanz.!:D

    Fok'n Brilliant MK!:cool:
  7. The "way to bet" in America... is the Low End of everything!!! It's very difficult for "low cost" providers to be replaced... Who might out-compete Wal-Mart on price on an equal scale?

    I doubt "putting WMT away for 10 years" will turn out to be the best strategy... rather, "trading around a long-side bias" should be much better and safer.
  8. You're right. Dollar stores are booming where I live. Quality is low, but oftentimes you don't care - gift cards for example. Instead of paying $5-7 for Hallmark, I get one at the dollar store, no one notices the difference.
  9. So Hallmark is doomed ?
  10. Thanks scatta.

    I understand as I'm in walmart. Their expansion into Africa will be a true test. They failed twice to expand into Europe.

    I am holding Walmart from great entry point..but of course I'll take profit before 10 years.

    I missed the Dollar Store...didn't pull the trigger in time.
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