Walmart sales down bad for China?

Discussion in 'Economics' started by silk, May 12, 2007.

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    U.S. same stor sales not good. Most of what China makes is to sell to the Walmarts/Kmarts/Sears ect. Could it be that China will hit a wall in a few weeks when they see their inventories are building up and Walmart and other U.S. retailers says they don't need as much?

    China factory then tells workers not to show up that week because warehouse is full and Walmart doesn't need to reorder this month.

    Could china come to a crashing halt? Too many moving parts for me to make an educated opinion. But something that I was thinking about this week.
  2. Won't happen simply because those Chinese people who are told not to work will cheer and invest everything in the stock market instead and make a lot of money. In turn, Americans will see their market going up and ours will too, so we'll make more money and have more to buy stupid shit. As long as Japan lets someone borrow money to keep buying stocks everywhere everything will go up forever, except maybe Japan, but they'll be the world's largest BanCountry! :D
  3. Its not significant. We can't avoid buying Made in China stuff anymore because WE DON'T HAVE FACTORIES TO MAKE these things anymore. So as our economy slows, we just buy a little less from them them, that's all.

    If you were betting on GROWTH, well, that's a different issue.
  4. Not totally. It can compel the WalMart/China to manufacture higher-quality goods instead of junk. Money has to go somewhere. During a bull market, people buy higher quality items instead of buying more of the same junk, i.e. Mercedes instead of Chevy, Sony instead of Zenith, Surf-n-Turf instead of Cocker Spaniel-n-Seaweed, Johnnie Walker Blue Label instead of Red Label. You get the idea!
  5. I believe Cocker Spaniel's are much more expensive than lobster and cow.