Walmart Preparing For the Day When Robots Take Over

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  1. Walmart Store Inc.'s (WMT) store of the future may appear to be scarily devoid of employees. In reality, humans will still work there, but expect to see more robots.
    In addition to Walmart starting to use 16-foot automated towers to distribute online orders, scan-and-go technology to replace cashiers and digital screens to answer customers' questions, it may eventually deploy robots to handle inventory.

    So, will there be fewer employees? Foran said "it will depend" on consumers and how their shifting needs shape the future of retail. That is why Walmart's "academies are so important to us," he said, as they will help to create new jobs.
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    Amazon is far better at tech and customer service. If Amazon just starts opening stores I'd give them a 90% chance of taking a lot of market share from WalMart. Try doing the self checkout at a Walmart with some bananas. I've never gotten that to work in a year of trying. It doesn't work, I tell them, nothing changes...
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    When many workers are laid off the politicians have 2 choices
    1. Pay people to stay home.
    2. Restrict the use of machines.

    We had the Luddites in the 19th century, who were put out of work by machines.
    They used to smash the machines.
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    The robots have got to be smarter than most of the people working there.
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    They'll certainly have a better personality.
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    Ya know, its funny you bring that up. As far fetched as it sounded initially... imagine the utilization it would see in Texas now. It would be revolutionary in disaster recovery.
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    This is disgusting. 1984 has arrived.
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