Walmart losing customers to dollar stores LOLZ

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  1. Dollar store chains such as Family Dollar welcome the growing numbers of SNAP consumers knowing they have a significant effect on the chain's top and bottom lines. Do dollar stores participating in SNAP have a competitive advantage over those that do not?

    Just thought I'd throw this out there.

    Often, low-income families who rely on food stamps shop at liquor stores, gas stations and dollar stores. A WBEZ investigation found that these retailers make up 30 percent of the food stamp providers in Chicago.These places offer more junk food than fresh food, but the federal government still gives these stores the green light to accept food stamps.
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    Most gas stations sell junk food;
    but a growing trend is fresh fruits & veggies also:D Not that the gas station fruits & veggies section is as big as the chip & dip section..LOL:D

    I shop some @Walmart;
    but careful to diversify, too much power in private seector tends to corrupt, as surely as too much power in the public sector tends to corrupt..................................................................:cool:
  3. poor people are also stupid

    most dollar store items are less than 1 dollar in walmart

    maybe not most but some
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    they dont want to wander around in WM looking for 1 dollar items.
  5. Kind of a reverse Henry Ford.
    One wonders whether Wal-Mart ever got that they were making money from labor arbitrage between the US and China, selling stuff to downwardly mobile factory and former factory workers that they themselves had a large hand in making downwardly mobile, and once that arbitrage was complete their business model would need a major revision.
  6. Often at liquor stores, produce cost more than chips and soda. Get a better bang for your foodstamp-buck if you buy unhealthy stuff
  7. U.S. stores open at least a year, posting a 1.8 percent drop in sales.


    Anyone find this odd?

    If we have inflation, (what's the fed predict? 2% pffftt), this alone would be sufficient to produce an increase in sales, ceteris paribus, yet Wall Mart post a decrease.

    I mean you could stand still and post an increase.

    These guys are losing ground.

    "seven consecutive quarter of declining sales"

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    Isn't this pretty much valid for every retailers? Could be because:

    1. Americans have less to spend.
    2. They are saving more...
  9. Because #1 due to sending your customers jobs to red china.
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