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    I don't buy stuff!! I just don't. Unless I need it, unless it fits in with work towards a goal.. I'm revolted when I go into a Radio Shack. I recall a comedian from the '70's. He said he went into a Radio Shack and asked: "You got anything made out of plastic?".

    I'm eyeing a machine shop that was owned by a gunsmith, he's gone, he did very precise things, he had not artistic sense whatsoever but he really collected the best of the best in his machine shop.. I'm reengineering things for DC power in my house anyhow, I'm not going to distribute the AC, it bathes us in a 60hz field and I find it disturbing.. I can shut off the AC to the house and go back inside and feel the difference, less agitation... So while I'm reengineering things for DC power I want to machine some beautiful cabinets for electronics while I'm at it. I've always enjoyed making my own metal control knobs for electronics. They can be weighted for spinning and great feel...

    Americans don't get the idea of quality at any level of their life... I tell people that they can buy supplements that heal them better than Medical Science can and almost none respond.. they just are in denial. They want it for free typically... That's Americans, sell them a poison burger at a bargain price and they will get addicted...