Wallstreet Socialist?

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  1. As a boy, Ron Bloom spent summers at Habonim camps, Jewish youth programs modeled on Israel’s kibbutzes that stressed the value of manual labor and social justice. As a teen he boycotted green grapes in support of Cesar Chavez, the farmworkers’ union leader.

    He went on to Harvard Business School and Wall Street.


    Hey, these are the guys that end up going to Wallstreet? Are you kidding me. The Kibbutzez, I understand, as a tribe member. But Ceasar Chavez supporter? Union backer?

    Havard Bschool is a fucking joke. They crank out Progressives! And these idiots end up going on to Wallstreet.

    We need a "Movement" to through these guys out on their Arses and re-build the Idea of "CAPITALISM". Get rid of all these "Highly Educated Bafoons."

    BUFFET, SOROS, BLOOM and I can list 10000 more yahoos who are socialist, running the "Wallstreet" Agenda.

    What a joke.

    Give me someone who takes the risk to start a company with his own money, give me a true Capitalist.
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  3. Hell, through isn't even past tense of throw. Its close though, but no points due to being primitive. Stay on that side of the aisle though since you're representing them in the manner to which they are accustom.