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  1. (just for fun and laughs)

    I remember in 198x (something) when Wall Street first came out. The movie theater on 86th St and Lexington Ave in NYC was packed with wing tipped shoes and the only seats available were in the front row, and this for the early shows, just about market close times.

    Wonder how many of us are still in the game to see the newer version, Money Never Sleeps?

    so, what were your thoughts of the movie?

    so, like, which bank was the evil twin in this movie?

    ((ok, this thread is for fun and laughs))
  2. I went to an exclusive pre-screening last week.
    I'd probably give it a 7 out of 10 compared to 9/10 for the Classic.
    The sequel is less ruthless, less about business. Gekko wasn't even in the first 30mins. They tried to make it appeal to a wider audience I think.

    And while it was still an okay movie, it was nothing like the original, though we did see flashes of the real Gekko.

    But maybe its unfair to compare it to part 1, thats a tough movie to beat.
  3. you are absolutely right,

    its a tough movie to beat, the original


    this newer one, seems like it was ripped from 2008 - 2010 headlines

    they were discussing:

    1) the biggest rip off in human history
    2) too big to fail
    3) all being from an evil empire bank, key players, both in gov't and industry

    4) being more ruthless than what Gordon did in the 80's
  4. I feel bad because i dont think there will be a wall street 3 with his throat cancer
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    Mr. Douglas was on Letterman, and from what he was saying, it sounds very bleak. Very sad.

    On another note, I bet every swinging dick on ET will be in the theaters the 1st week the movie is out. I know I will be! I watched the trailer on HBO last night, and it may not be the same as the original (no movie ever is), but I loved to hear him talk about the big inv. banks. He said, "those crooks make me look small." Loved that!
  6. that's the exact quote I was looking for,


    which bank was he talking about?


    wink, nod,
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    The scene had Gordon and his future Son-in-law standing on a NY street watching a news story through a store window. The talking head was mentioning an inv. bank, but I don't think they gave a name.

    Can't wait til' the movie comes out!
  8. yeah, they're not going to mention the name,

    you have to remember from history and actual events....

    the evil empire....
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    The sad part is the FACT that what Gordon said is so true. He really was small change compared to those crooks!

    I heard that statement by him, and almost stood up cheering like I was at a football game!!! He nailed it with one simple statement!
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    Here's some interesting info on Josh Brolin, who has turned into a very good actor, and is also involved in the markets. I took a film studies class from the Director of the Santa Barbara International Film Festival. And we used to get to go to free pre-screenings of different movies. And some of the people involved, actors, directors, etc. would be there. And he came for No Country for Old Men. He's a really cool guy. Someone that would be fun to hang with. I was asking him about his trading and involvement in the markets. Here's a quote from a Boston Globe article.

    "Married to actress Diane Lane, he is a rare bird among actors. He works the other side of his brain in business just as hard as he does a script. When he's not acting, Brolin is a swing trader in the stock market (in for hours, days, weeks) and owns with his business partner a company called MarketProbability.com that provides 3,000 market indicators of stock movement over the past 25 years to sharpen investment strategy. He says he makes far more money from his market trading than he does from his movies."

    Couldn't find the website though. Maybe it's no longer happening. Or there's another one called TDMarketProbability. And I saw this http://www.stocktradingtogo.com/200...pportunities-daily-with-marketprobabilitycom/

    Here's another article. http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/news/a220127/brolin-day-trading-helped-me-on-wall-st.html
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