Wallstreet gives Obama a vote of confidence.

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  1. This should be the headlines its up 16% and Obama is only been in power 9 months.
  2. Oh I see, so when the market was collapsing in February and March it wasn't Obama's fault, but now that we've bounced hard from a ridiculously oversold condition it's all because of Obama.

    Obama kool-aid drinkers really are a delusional bunch.

    P.S.- How much of the September/October collapse from last year was the market pricing in Obama becoming President?
  3. Where were these liberals when the DOW at 14,000? I don't recall them praising Bush.
  4. Lucrum


    They were suffering from BDS, poor bastards.
  5. How well has Obama been controlling that good old unemployment? Do you really think some shmoe who is out of a job gives a shit about the DOW?

    Increases in the market will do very little to sway voters in your direction. High unemployment will turn off voters in a heartbeat.

    If the market and unemployment both continue to go up, its going to lead to a very powerful narrative. In 2010 and 2012 the Republican slogan should be "Obama is fucking Main Street to help Wall Street."
  7. Some of the leftwing pundits are beginning to agree:

    "Lefty pundits wonder: Is Obama just a blowhard who likes to blame other people?

    That’s from Howard Fineman, whose next appearance on “Countdown” is likely to be, shall we say, stormy. Meanwhile, WaPo’s Richard Cohen is troubled:

    I.e. as Jim Geraghty has forever warned us, all Obama statements come with an expiration date. Nice to see these two finally cluing into that idea."
  8. i have never seen such low liquidity, this beats post 9/11, dot com bust. yom kippur or not, the funds have fled the market and will not be back until Obama goes

  9. you damn moron, what does it matter if the market goes up 10000% but if you cant get any stock.

    wtf fuck this site is infested with order fillers or paper traders
  10. Wallstreet gives Obama a vote of confidence.

    Too bad the American consumer hasn't.

    Drop in consumer confidence weighs on stocks
    Stocks fall as market absorbs mixed news on home prices and consumer confidence; Dow falls 47


    "NEW YORK (AP) -- A surprise drop in consumer confidence tripped up investors Tuesday, a day after a round of corporate takeovers set off a steep market rally."

    Sucks to be a leftist.
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