WallStreet.com domain goes on sale

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  1. Oct. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Forget the randy jokes. The question of whether money is hotter than sex may be answered today as the WallStreet.com Web address goes on sale.

    The reserve price range is $4 million to $5 million, said Monte Cahn, chief executive officer of Moniker.com, which is managing the auction in Hollywood, Florida, and acting as broker. The final price may exceed the $9.5 million paid earlier this year for Porn.com, he said.

  2. I don't understand how in the world wallstreet.com is going to get near the porn.com price. Porn has an unlimited potential.. esp with mobile applications exploding. I think Monte is probably just trying to hype it. I would pay double for porn.com though (if i had the cash.. lol )
  3. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=20601109&sid=aeAu3dVDDK3c&refer=news
  4. Someone -dumb- may pay it, true; but its a good buy?, hell no!

    IMHO we are living a second dotcom bubble, read:
  5. Yes, everyone types in wallstreet.com when they look for information and stock quotes.

    10 million would be a bargain.
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    I type in quote.com at most, anything else is too much work. :D
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    When does this domain name hype end....

    who cares what the hell it is, its a domain name...

    in 20 years you will look back and say who the hell was foolish enough to pay millions for a domain name.
  8. I made a few million from domain names.

    don't live under a rock. Good domains bring in a lot of revenue each and every day with 0 work.
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    At one time i had over 500 domain names ... i've cut back to about 150, cuz i got tired of paying those renewal fees.

    I sold a few of them for like $1000 each, but just a very few. I turned down unsolicted offers in the 1k to 3k range on a few more.

    I still think it's an interesting game, but I'm growing tired of playing it as far as buying is concerned. I will develop a couple more dozen with minisites and let them age for posterity. I'm 51 and am ready to start doing less. I may sell a few as i get offers.

    If online real estate does in the next 30 years what offline locations have done in the past 30 --- those $8 annual renewals will look like a paltry sum.
  10. Hmmm - it occurs to me now that I have NEVER typed WallStreet.com into my url address box...

    But I HAVE typed Whitehouse.com...:D
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