Wallstreet CEOs are all criminals

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  1. I wish there's a way to make them give up millions of $$ they cashed in for putting shareholders and taxpayers into harships. Years ago, when every financial institutions got themselves involved in credit default swaps, these crooks knew it would put the company at risk if things blew up. A new trainee could've seen that if everybody jumps into the boat, it'll sink to the bottom. There's no way that these CEO's didn't see as definite possibilities. Yet they had immediate millions of $$$ coming in their way. Now, America has to pay for these criminals. Why the f**k would they care.....they already cashed in millions. Fed really needs to punish these f****** before all these bailout and shit. lend me your vanishing cloak, I'll take care of every one of them.
  2. I agree with you....

    One would have to believe that the politicians are going to have some real fun with this very topic....

    In the very near future.......
  3. Maybe if they were paid a little more they wouldn"t have to resort to fraud to make a few extra bucks.
  4. When will the perp walks begin, gotta appease the masses?
  5. The money is gone...paid out in salaries and bonuses and reinvested in leveraged assets gone bad.

    Attorneys can't do anything from a civil perspective, unfortunately.

  6. I've been saying bring back public hanging for some time now.
  7. poyayan


    From now on, wallstreet CEO compensation has to paid over 10 years after they left their throne. If their successor mess up, they suffer too.
  8. no they are not they are all just traders
  9. Are you retarded...?
  10. It's called RICO. I'm sure the coming indictments will reference RICO. RICO, the racketeering act, allows for disgourgement, treble damages, and jail time. RICO scares the mob.
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