Wallstreet and its propaganda machine

Discussion in 'Trading' started by myminitrading, Jun 27, 2007.

  1. I would say the ground work has been laid by the wallstreet propaganda machine. Enough gloom has been spread so now the fed can do as its told, and hint at a rate cut tomorrow.

    Im sure their real worried about the subprime defaults. Not to mention refi from the home ATM is closed.

    I am certain they will give wallstreet what it wants, strong language towards a rate cut, just watch these wimps.
  2. I'd be willing to take the other side of that bet all day long. The fed won't be cutting rates, period. They have boxed themselves into to a nice little corner.
  3. They won't have to, just the suggestion will do, and that was all I was saying, the language will hint towards a cut.
  4. Fed is gonna give wallstreet everything it wants. The fed is nothing, they do what their told to. Puppets, Christmas tigers.

    Watch all the changes in the statement tomorrow, it will be like a flock of doves gathered and rolled over to the wallstreet machine.

    Huge rally thru the end of the week, Q2 goes out at news highs.
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    I am troubled by the stories suggesting the Fed will mention in their statement that they will be looking at headline inflation rather than core inflation. If a reporter dreamed up that idea then it is stupid to report it. If they were leaked the information, then the Fed officials should just s-tfu and not leak shit and if they do insert language to that effect in their statement it will be subject to wild and varied interpretation and will just confuse the market.
  6. oil holding... close to breaking 70.

    global speculative fervor still persists. If they want to have room, they need to kill the equity bubble otherwise inflation risks grow. Nothing is more deadlier then inflation combined with fiscal imprudence to destroy your currency, and cause higher rates on bonds use to finance egotistical agendas and family vendettas.
  7. So true, our government will never take on tough jobs, they will continue with the status quo until the next shift comes on.

    Its gonna take fiscal discipline, we need to get out of the middle east. focus on energy independence, we need real leaders not politicians who will vote for the highest bidder.