Wall Streets Infamous Gossip Site is Loaded With Ghouls

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  1. I vote BLSH as the #1 Ghoul of ET!:D
  2. Oh, nice article Surf :cool:
  3. Ghouls Bulls and trolls--- FUnny on samhain eve---


    Ask yourself, where do you fit??

    I see elite is getting some heavy free press from the yahoo cowboys.

  4. scroll down - it's blank on my screen too for a page or two
  5. got it, but that's a lot of blank white bandwidth..took a ton of coal to make that bandwidth...Obama's gonna get you!:p

  6. Given that David Goodboy has almost 15,000 posts on this forum he must be referring to himself.
  7. Fractal


    That doesn't sound like surf. This guy writes with more mental acuity.

    He's definitely got the "troll" category down, but his observations aren't novel, as every board has a few. As far as I can tell ET has and incredibly small relative number (maybe three): TraderZones types, zzzzzzZZ, and the lunatic cold, where cold's aliases are about 90% of ET's aggregate member base.

    Ghoul really only refers to Hershey (though would be better applied to Spectra). I'll go against the majority opinion here, because I think Jack is actually quite sharp -- but in a unconventional, oblique way. I've read through his writing carefully in the past, and, as much as I'll get flamed for saying so, I have to say I think he's got a novel approach to viewing markets.

    Last paragraph of the article is garbage.
  8. I find it quite entertaining that the comments on this site are getting picked up by major media outlets.

    Why is rhe last paragraph garbage? the little i know about those ratings, they seem to be legit based on volatility levels, i think.
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