Wall Street's BAD ASS!

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by marketsurfer, Nov 19, 2007.

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  3. They should have a minimum age / maturity level for traders, say somewhere around 35 with a wife, kids and a mortgage.
    Is sykes 18 yet? I have seen better behaved 8 year olds.
  4. this kid is seriously out of his damn mind. the marketplace can do that to someone, i guess. He needs to smoke some chronic. way too hyper.
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  6. Dear Mama Sykes,

    On behalf of the rest of ET, I would like to announce that we are all embarrassed for you.
  7. This guy is a tool; he tries to come of altruistic but has not demonstrated any knowledge or insight that 2 weeks on this board would not give you.

  8. Sykes states in the U-tube vid:

    "Only buy two stocks. Do not diversify, and buy in front of earnings. Buy 100k shares".

    WTF-this guy is for real? He has a book? I guess any jagoff that has failed at something can write a book, act like a complete asshole, trash any integrity he has, go on TV, and just generally make a whore out of himself. What a loser.

    His mommy must be pissed and so let down.
  9. that "boy" needs a Thai kick to his head & be put to sleep.
    #10     Nov 19, 2007