Wall Street Wonder Still Trades at 88

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by easyguru, Jul 16, 2003.

  1. <b>Wall Street Wonder Still Trades at 88

    Alfred Feld has been working at Goldman Sachs since the Great Depression and is one of Wall Street's oldest active brokers. At 88 years old and with no plans to retire, he worries about outliving his remaining clients.</b>

    A nice story in todays WSJ. One career where you don't need to retire.
  2. Now we know who is responsible for these order entry mistakes recently.

    I think Bear Stearns (or some other broker) may also have a trader in his 90's.
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    Bear has John Slade I think he is 92or93


    Now that's an old dog who's learned alot of new tricks. You see folks, this man has mastered two of the many keys to trading success:

    - Evolution

    - Adapting to an everchanging

    When I die, I hope it happens while I'm in a trade!



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    When I die, I hope it is while I am f.c...g :D
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    He must really like to trade. then again I guess he probably had to give up skiing and mountain biking a couple of years ago.