Wall Street Warriors

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  1. TRS


    Anyone... provided you reside in the USA
  2. Hulu isn't available outside of the USA?
  3. All of that stuff is on youtube btw
  4. Time to learn how to use a proxy server.
  5. Did season 3 ever make it out? I haven't been able to find the shows.

  6. It was canned, no network wanted to buy it
  7. After that Guy de Chimay fella was outed as a fraud.... probably damaged the shows credibility....

    With all the Madoffs, MF Globals, PFGs, etc most people in the real world (outside trading forums) probably figure the whole financial industry is just a big scam racket filled with white collar criminals.
  8. "I wanna see the show, but I can't. Where do I get the proxy server?"

    Once that's up, I'll respond with some details on how to get set up. After which, whichever id you choose, can thank me for providing the details and maybe ask a follow-up question like, "if you don't mind me asking, how much do you pay a month for this service?".