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    Many would like to know what is trading career? In order to answer this question, i will interpret the reality tv show Wall Street Warriors per episode once a week. This reality show Wall Street Warriors will give u an idea what these 3 charts mean




    Wall Street Warriors Season 1 "Capitalism Rules"

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    once again, i will interpret real life in the house by using the reality tv as an example once a week per episode. stay tune for my interpret after watching episode 1.
  2. All these diagrams are giving me a headache.
  3. emg, you appear to be an expert on the subject of blowing out. wtf are you here? Operating as a PSA? It's analogous to Tyrone Biggums lecturing us about the evils of crack cocaine.

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    23.42 Guy de Chimay Hedge Fund Manager, 99% of hedge fund managers have their own trading platforms in their bedroom. Don't be surprise they sleep on their ipad. They average 2-4 hours of sleep if trades are going bad before exiting.

    23:10. Parket Quillen Hedge Fund Manager. I do not understand why the director of the reality tv did not give him a cigar walking to work.

    22:57. Jill Dilosa is a typical woman looks.

    20:21. Average successful traders drive a typical $50K cars like BMW, Mercede, Audi, porshe (caynne), Land Rover.

    18:55 successful hedge fund managers have a big own office. in their office they have couch, mini bar, favorite sports posters (yankees, the jets, bulls, bears, lakers,the patriot, etc etc) and muitple monitors stacks. but not only successful hedge fund managers so are 6 figures prop traders. But there are many successful traders prefer lay low small private simple trading office. Also, there are many successful hedge funds managers prefer to have their office in the trading room.

    9:13. many successful day traders draw charts on a paper rather than using the platform. One reason is to relief stress by relaxing the eyes from staring the monitors

    6:02 he needs a yo yo
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    She's a very cool chick-- dated the mighty Soros for a while...
    shhhh, that's an inside secret!

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  7. ...and the ultra-rich play electric ukes in their pyjamas...

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    What are some examples of Higher Bracket Trading Firms that you mention ?
  9. I've never seen such an utter lack of edge in my life as in this "WSW". Anyone appearing in this program is doomed.
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